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Hardware Building Materials

from planning to construction to finishing

In our Hardware division, we stock the complete range and level of quality that one would require to construct a building, from schools to homes, from go-downs to sugar factories, we are your only choice!

NYUMBA CEMENT: Portland Pozzolona Cement (PPC)-KP Gold: CEM II/B – P/32.5N

Standard Cement mainly used for General Construction purposes.

Portland Pozzolona Cement (PPC)-KP Silver: CEM II/B – P/32.5N

General Construction purposes

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) – KP Diamond: CEM I/42.5N

Cement with higher strength for use in heavy construction work; roads, highrise buildings, bridges, dams. Both variants will be sold in 50kg bags. These products satisfy the ISO 9001:2000 for Quality Management System.

BAMBURI CEMENT:   Nguvu CEM IV/B(P) 32,5N is a Pozzolanic Cement with wide range of applications from domestic concrete to large building projects. Its good strength performance makes it suitable for both general purpose and structural concrete applications.

PowerPLUS 42,5 N cement is traditionally known as Ordinary Portland Cement. Used in medium to large construction projects to optimize performance.

PowerMAX 42,5 is a premium cement that combines excellent strength performance at all ages with versatility and enhanced durability benefits. PowerMAX 42,5 combines high technical performance for large projects with all round versatility for the small user.

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