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Early Childhood Development Books
The Big Step Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) Course
This is a powerful collection of new, interesting books for pre-school learners. The books in this course come with just what the pre-school learner needs: interesting activities that fully – albeit subtly – introduce him or her to all the subjects studied under the new curriculum for schools in Kenya. The books are well thought-out and thoroughly researched. They break new grounds in the use of clearly visible, brightly-coloured photographs and illustrations, among other features, that the new Kenyan ECDE syllabus recommends.

The New Progressive Primary English(NPPE) course is a study in what thorough research into language can produce. With masterfully-illustrated pages, the NPPE books enable learners to acquire listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with enjoyable ease.

NPPE exposes the learner to easy-to-understand sentences, simplified language patterns, clearly-defined grammar rules and exciting passages.

NPPE takes the learner to a colourful world of new words, new situations and new experiences which are easy to identify with — a world where learning English is a lot of fun!

Head Start Secondary English combines the thrill that comes only from well-written passages and humorously developed anecdotes and the benefits of reinforced listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Carefully written by English language experts, each book draws on real-life situations, practical issues and global trends to help learners sharpen their communication skills.

As its title suggests, this course gives the students the required head start in the acquisition of language skills. It is a treasure trove for students of English.

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